Alcohol Testing

Certified Results You Can Trust!

Fastest Labs Plano is known for offering some of the most accurate drug and alcohol screening results at the most affordable costs. Whether you are an employer seeking DOT-certified alcohol testing, court-ordered screening or post-accident, or alcohol testing for personal reasons, our staff is ready to help. For the majority of cases, we provide instant results and we always aim to ensure a reliable and pleasant atmosphere as well as a simple testing process. Our certified collectors and certified breath alcohol specialists can assist you in obtaining a clear, accurate representation of an individual’s alcohol consumption, which can range from the previous 24 hours to several months. In every situation, we aim to give the most accurate and fastest results possible.

For more information on our services, give us a call at (469) 661-9020 or request an appointment today! We gladly welcome walk-ins and same-day services.


Fastest Labs Plano is delighted to offer a comprehensive selection of alcohol tests to satisfy every requirement. Our certified collectors can help you discover the best screening method for your particular needs, from tests designed to identify very recent usage to those that provide insight into an individual’s alcohol intake over a few months.

We offer the following types of alcohol tests:
● Breath alcohol/breathalyzer testing (BAT)
● EtG hair alcohol testing
● Saliva alcohol testing
● Fingernail alcohol testing
● EtG/EtS urine alcohol testing
● Blood Peth alcohol testing.

Our tests are recognised in court. We can also assist you in developing and implementing a drug and alcohol policy for your company, as well as conducting athletic or military testing. Our polite, experienced team will assist you in determining which test or combination of tests is appropriate for your requirements.


Different from many other laboratories that require days or weeks to provide alcohol test results, Fastest Labs Plano aims for the industry’s shortest time frame. You will be welcomed as soon as you come through our doors. Our alcohol testing processes are quick, confidential, and intended to be as comfortable as possible. We work hard to match or beat our competitors’ costs, so you can be confident that you’re getting some of the greatest alcohol testing services at the best possible price.