DNA Testing

Fast Results You Can Trust

When it comes to DNA testing, you need to be certain that your results are accurate.

We at Fastest Labs Plano realize how critical this is. When you choose our courteous, professional staff for your DNA test, you will get certified accurate results quickly. We aim to have the cleanest laboratories, the most secure sample collection, and the most efficient and trustworthy DNA testing available in the market. Whether you want legally admissible testing, a paternity test, or want to know more about your ancestry, Fastest Labs Plano provides excellent customer service and unmatched DNA testing services. All of our DNA testing services are provided with your privacy in mind. We can assist you in determining the best testing technique for your specific requirements, and as with all of our testing services, we try to provide the most competitive price on the market.

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There are several reasons why you could need DNA testing. Whether you need DNA testing to establish paternity/maternity of a child, are following the necessary immigration processes to acquire a visa or passport, or are simply interested about your own ancestry, or you want to know the gender of your baby as fast as 7 weeks of pregnancy, or even for a non-invasive prenatal paternity testing, DNA testing can help you achieve your goals and receive the answers you seek.

At Fastest Labs Plano, we are proud to offer the following DNA tests:
● Paternity
● Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing
● Early Gender Detection
● Immigration
● Infidelity
● Twin zygosity
● Genealogy/ancestry
● Maternity
● Court admissible
● Genetic reconstruction
● Adoption
● Forensic services
● DNA banking
● DNA profiling
● Lifestyle

The majority of DNA testing is performed by cheek swabbing, a simple, non-invasive process that yields quick, accurate results. Early gender detection and prenatal paternity testing are performed by a blood sample drawn by our doctor. At Fastest Labs Plano, we realize how important the findings of your DNA test are, which is why we take great effort to assure accuracy every time. We handle all DNA testing with utmost discretion and secrecy, so you can be confident that your privacy is protected. Whatever your purpose for requesting a DNA test, you can count on us for excellent service, secure sampling, and precise results—all at the best pricing on the market!