Hair Follicle Testing

Many employers, courts, and Substance Abuse professionals are requiring a hair drug test instead of a standard urine test. Hair follicle drug tests are used by employers who have zero tolerance drug use policies, courts, and individuals on probation.

The primary benefit of a hair follicle drug test includes a much longer detection period for drug use which typically is up to 90 days, collected in an observed collection process, and is nearly impossible to cheat.

Hair Testing Process

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The average hair growth is approximately 1/2 inch per month; the collection of 1.5 inches long hair sample from the crown of the head, would detect drug use for an approximate 90-day back period.

NEW at Fastest Labs of Plano!

While we still do the classic way for hair follicle testing and sending to the lab, Fastest Labs Plano recently added a new method for hair follicle testing called “Rapid Hair Follicle Testing”: A small amount of hair is cut from the head or body and processed in our clinic to give you a result within 5 to 10 minutes.

This test is reliable, accurate and less expensive than the classic hair follicle tests sent to the lab.

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