Court Admissible Testing

Drug, Alcohol & DNA Tests for a Wide Range of Legal Matters

Various legal processes rely on accurate drug, alcohol, and DNA testing. Identifying if alcohol or drugs were involved in an accident or other legal matter can change the result of a trial, but DNA forensic testing is one of the most dependable ways to show a criminal suspect’s innocence or guilt. Nevertheless, for the findings of a drug, alcohol, or DNA test to be acceptable in court, the testing facility and employees must fulfill strict requirements.

We entirely comply with all legal requirements at Fastest Labs Plano. Our certified collectors undergo extensive training and adhere to strict sample collection and analysis standards. We frequently assist legal professionals, attorneys, judges, and persons in need of court-admissible drug, alcohol, and DNA testing services—learn more about how Fastest Labs Plano may assist you!

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Many reasons can lead up to having a court-admissible test performed. A DNA test may be very useful during criminal procedures or to verify fatherhood during a child custody fight. Alcohol and drug testing can be useful in post-accident and other legal situations. Fastest Labs Plano provides a comprehensive variety of court-admissible testing services appropriate to specific requirements.

We offer the following types of court-admissible tests:

● Post-accident breathalyzer tests
● Urine, saliva, skin/sweat, hair, and nail drug tests
● Breath, urine, saliva, skin/sweat, hair, and nail alcohol tests
● Paternity and maternity tests
● Immigration DNA tests
● Genetic reconstruction
● DNA profiling
● Forensic services
● Other DNA tests

Fastest Labs Plano can assist you in many situations whether you need to test for recent alcohol use, continuing drug use in the previous few months, determine or validate paternity, or develop a DNA profile for a criminal suspect. We personalize all of our court-admissible testing services to your specific requirements, and we always aim to deliver the most accurate, timely, and cost-effective test results possible.