Government Drug and Alcohol Testing

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Drug and alcohol testing is federally mandatory to many government workers and private citizens who work with the state, local, or federal governments. This testing is frequently conducted in government-provided laboratories. Private drug and alcohol testing of government personnel is, nevertheless, required in specific cases. In this situation, contact Fastest Labs Plano for high-quality government testing at a low cost!

Our courteous, certified collectors are pleased to assist you with a huge variety of drug and alcohol testing. Our staff has the knowledge and abilities to guide you through the process, whether you require testing based on reasonable suspicion, a pre-employment background check, or random drug and alcohol testing services. We aim for entirely accurate findings that you can rely on with every test we offer. In most circumstances, test results are accessible within minutes, eliminating the need for you to wait for the release of the results of your drug or alcohol test.

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Various testing procedures can disclose various information about a government employee’s drug and/or alcohol use history. You may wish to test for long-term drug usage, current alcohol consumption, or a mix of the two, depending on your unique needs. Fastest Labs Plano provides a variety of testing methods to give you a complete and accurate picture of a person’s drug and alcohol use.

Our government drug and alcohol testing methods include:

● Urine tests/urinalysis
● Saliva tests
● Breath alcohol/breathalyzer tests
● Hair tests
● Finger and toenail tests
● Sweat/skin tests
● Specialty tests
● Steroid tests
● DOT-compliant tests

Several drugs and unlawful substances, including cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, opiates, marijuana, and other toxins, can be detected with our panel drug tests. We can identify both current and long-term alcohol and drug use.


Fastest Labs Plano strives to do the most for our customers. All of our government testing services adhere to state and federal laws, including those imposed by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Our labs are solely dedicated to testing, which means we have a thorough understanding of numerous testing processes, legal standards, and analyzing experience to help you with any government testing requirements you may have.

Our trained staff of Fastest Labs Plano collectors works fastly and effectively, assuring your comfort throughout the procedure. We take great effort to assure authenticity through a secure chain of custody, anti-contamination procedures, and adequate isolation. Our goal is to provide our clients with the fastest, most accurate government testing possible at the most affordable costs.