Military Drug and Alcohol Testing

Certified Testing for Department of Defense Employees

Some personnel employed by the Department of Defense (DoD) are obligated to undergo random alcohol and drug testing on a regular basis. While current military personnel are generally tested at DoD lab clinics, others, such as civilian employees, non-active individuals, and United States Coast Guard (USCG) members, must rely on private military drug and alcohol testing.

Fastest Labs Plano has been providing people and government organizations with high-quality alcohol and drug testing services for military personnel and workers. Our testing processes are completely consistent with Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) laws, and we take extreme effort to fulfill military testing requirements.

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Fastest Labs provides a variety of testing techniques for random military drug and alcohol testing to meet your different requirements. Our certified collectors can assist you in analyzing an individual’s previous and current drug or alcohol usage history using a variety of fast, non-invasive testing procedures.

We can conduct extensive testing with the collection of the following sample types:

● Breath
● Urine
● Saliva
● Skin
● Sweat
● Hair
● Finger/toenails

We comply with the most stringent industry standards for sample isolation, security, and correctness, regardless of the type of test you request. Our certified collectors can assist you in meeting military testing standards, conducting individual alcohol and drug tests, and much more.


Whenever you pick Fastest Labs Plano for your military testing service, you will receive our outstanding customer care. Within moments of stepping through our doors, our staff will be there to help you, responding to any questions you have as well as addressing any concerns you could have. All of our testing services are completed as fast as possible, and the outcomes of your test are accessible nearly immediately. We strive to create a pleasant environment, and our lab is among the cleanest in the business. Additionally, at Fastest Labs Plano, we make every effort to match or better any competitor’s pricing.