Student Drug and Alcohol Testing

Reliable Results. Affordable Rates

As a current college student or recent graduate, you may soon be requested to submit to drug and/or alcohol testing as you prepare to join the job.

We understand how critical the results of these tests are at Fastest Labs Plano. Many businesses refuse to hire people who fail a drug or alcohol test during the application process. For students and recent college grads, we provide fully discrete, fast, and accurate drug and alcohol testing.

Whether you’re looking for a corporate job or a summer internship, our pleasant, experienced team will assist you with same-day test results.

In order to make the procedure faster and more affordable than ever, we offer unique savings, such as $5 off your 10-panel drug test (call for details).

Call us at 469-661-9020 today to learn more about our student drug and alcohol testing services or request an appointment! We gladly welcome walk-ins and same-day services.


One of the most common concerns we get regarding drug testing from students and new graduates is how long it takes for drugs to clear from their system.

Many people wish to know if drug traces may be discovered long after a substance has been consumed. The answer will be determined by the sort of medication used, as well as the method by which it was swallowed, the individual’s weight, and other variables.

At Fastest Labs Plano, we offer a wide range of drug and alcohol testing services for students, including screening for:

● Employment applications
● Internship applications
● Collegiate athletics
● Graduate applications
● And more!